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Purpose-Driven Brand

In oder to clearly convey OpenMat's purpose, we first identified the WHY behind the idea. The aim of the app is to combat loneliness among college students following the development of lectures and communication predominantly happening online. To shine light on this issue and to introduce OpenMat as a tool to tackle it, we decided to also structure the website in WHY, WHAT and HOW sequences.

Designed in response to virtual communication and remote work, OpenMat is an app aiming to bring together nearby people through geofenced group chats, easy messaging and planned meetups. The objective for the brand identity and website was to clearly communicate the company's drivers and values through a conclusive design.


Role: Branding, Webdesign, Animation

Team Size: 3 People

Duration: 6 Weeks

Nostalgic and Playful

OpenMat was named after the martial arts discipline that invites people of all backgrounds in one place to "roll" together. The aesthetics of padded tiles of gym floors are paired with nostalgic features of early digital times to shape OpenMat's visual identity. A grid based design, pixel-art and a bitmap font create a unique look and let the user experience the brand‘s playful character.

OpenMat's Values

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