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3d data visualization representing mental health
App in use to compare mental health levels

Data sets oftentimes seem inapproachable or intimidating to the average citizen – they are complex and hard to access. The collected data, however, depict patterns and changes in our environment and can be of great value for everyone. With this app, we aimed to translate inaccessible numbers to appealing and easily understandable visuals. 


Apart from making smart city data accessible for the vast majority, our brief asked for a platform that enables professionals from the field to collaborate with interactive data. Thus, we designed a collaboration mode to facilitate shared experiences for professional or educational purposes. 

The Architecture Centre of Amsterdam facilitates exhibitions to spark dialogue and debate on the city’s development. My team created the concept of an AR app to augment an exhibited physical model of Amsterdam with a virtual layer to envision hypothetical future scenarios. The goal was to stimulate conversation between different stakeholders such as urban city planners, architects, politicians, and the citizens of Amsterdam.


Maps for development

Role: Research, Concept, UI

Team Size: 4 People

Duration: 4 Weeks

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