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Business cards for Himmelsschreiber
Stationery Design of Brencut
White brush stroke on blue background

Agentur für Strategie
und Kommunikation

Logo version number 1
Logo version number 2

The brush stroke created for the initial brand identity was kept but the level of detail was reduced in order to facilitate the use for different purposes and formats. The design proposals vary in the degree of abstraction and are combined with different font styles complementing the stroke. 

In redesigning the agency‘s brand identity and web appearance it was important to integrate the sky metaphor stemming from the company name "Die Himmelsschreiber" (The Skywriters). Additionally, the dichotomy as an essential trait of the hybrid agency should be communicated through the design. The resulting visual identity revolves around the subject of the sky adjusting to the daily cycle – cold and dark colours at night and warm and bright ones during the day.


Role: Rebranding, Web Design

Team Size: Individual

Duration: 2 Weeks

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