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To reflect the developers’ obsession over coding, the identity features simplified visualisations of code lines floating through the space and an overall dark setting combined with bright colours that, together, create an immersive code environment. The logo is composed of an icon showing a highly abstract strand of DNA with a single altered cell alluding to the "developer gene" and a refined monospaced font for the wordmark.

Immersive Code

Alternative Concepts ↘

Founded by two passionate developers, devaholics is a software and consultancy agency with the mission to bring digital products to perfection through efficiency and quality. The visual brand identity revolved around the founders’ claim "addicted to building software" and, therefore, embodies characteristics inspired by the aesthetics of code editors to create a coherent narrative for the brand. 


Role: Branding, Web Design

Team Size: Individual

Duration: 3 Months

Special Characters

This initial design proposal was the starting position for the final design. Along with a vibrant colour palette and a monospaced font, the special characters form a pattern of typographic elements on a dark background to create a comprehensive visual system inspired by code editors. 

Psychedelic Waves

Referring to devaholics' tag line – addicted to building software – this design proposal is shaped around the theme of addiction: psychedelic ambient waves in combination with vivid colours and complemented by a sleek, lightweight sans serif font for the logotype.

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