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Outer space illustration with rocket and planets
Painting Illustration with brushes and splashes of colour

Advanced Settings

All shows available on the application are divided into three main categories: educational, creative, and entertaining. This allows parents to set individual time restrictions and downtimes for each of the classifications. Consequently, content with a higher educational value can be consumed to a greater extent than shows that serve purely as entertainment.

The shown content changes according to the set schedule to avoid disputes between children and their parents. During night time, the shows disappear from the home screen and only selected content is available. 

Dynamic Content

bingo is a design proposal for a streaming app for children that allows parents to limit time in front of the screen and curate the available content depending on its purpose. The application includes lots of visuals to support the text with non-textual elements in order to enable children with low reading levels to navigate independently through the platform. Additionally, the illustrations serve to create a cheerful and bright interface that is fun to interact with. 


Role: Concept, UX, UI, Illustration

Team Size: Individual

Duration: 2 Weeks

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